History of the School
Navneeta Kunwar Public School run by Navneeta Kunwar Memorial Society is situated at Susuwahi, B.H.U. (Varanasi) village which is out of the municipal area of Varanasi City. The school is 3 kms far from Varanasi Zone in rural area.

To continue the ideal and pious feeling of Shri Suraj Singh, this institution was established in June 1996 in the sweet memory of his wife and was inaugurated by Dr. R.B. Singh, the Principal of K.V. (B.H.U.). It is an English Medium school based on Indian culture and rituals.

Aim of the School
  • The school aims to promote mental, physical, cultural and moral development of children to become responsible students.
  • To provide a healthy and joyful environment, so that students may be patient in any sort of critical situation.
  • Extra curriculum is provided to encourage the feeling of healthy competition and true sportsman spirit.
  • Competition in various fields beside the course like games and sports, cultural activities, hobbies, exhibition etc. are organised time to time to nurture their self-confidence, skills and interest towards such activities.
  • Holistic personality, self discipline and spirit of co-operation, are polished by giving the students highest academic study in school to inculcate in them a spirit of service to community, the country and ultimately to mankind.